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MG Building Materials Upgrades Its Services with IBOS 3.0

With a total of five retail locations and a 20-acre lumberyard, MG Building Materials has been offering homeowners and contractors with the largest selection of treated lumber and construction supplies at low prices. To further its commitment of providing quality products and services, MG Building Materials has focused on improving their online system by integrating it with the new features offered by Builderwire’s IBOS 3.0.

IBOS 3.0 improves the way MG Building Materials deals with their customers by providing a more improved catalog and accounting system that can be accessed anytime and anywhere. The new ordering and quoting catalog ensures that all orders and quotes are received and forwarded through Builderwire’s innovative Connector technology. This secure communication link - established between the website’s front-end catalog and back-end system - ensures that all customer orders and quotes are transmitted to the company’s back office for processing. The Connector technology also allows MG Building Materials to keep their catalog up-to-date by enabling them pull up any number of product items and information and display them on their website.

Aside from a new ordering and quoting catalog, IBOS 3.0 offers an improved accounting system that can be accessed 24/7. The new system allows customers to view both current and archived information dating back to a year, including order sheets, invoices, statements, quotes, and other balance details. The account information can even be synced using Quickbooks, giving customers the benefit of viewing and managing all pertinent financial documents, without having the need to log into the MG Building Materials website.

Management of online content has also been made easy with IBOS 3.0’s improved content management system (CMS). The new CMS provides a more user-friendly interface and functionality allowing MG Building Materials to update their online content and keep customers up-to-date with the latest company news and information. IBOS 3.0 also comes with an ecommerce system that provides MG Building Materials with the capabilities to set up of promotions, highlight featured items and build sidebar and banner advertisements.

A fixture in South Central Texas and the Texas Hill Country, MG Building Materials has made it a commitment to provide the community with a way to acquire quality building and construction products for all types of home improvement jobs and commercial projects. With IBOS 3.0 integrated into its website, expect the company to deliver round-the-clock service that will enable them to meet this commitment and address their customers’ needs for only the finest building products.



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